Pirates of the Dread Sea: Orc, Goblin and Skrier Pirates

Created by Mike and Rich Chappell

Orc, Goblin and Skrier Pirate Crews for use with Pirates of the Dread Sea and other games! 35mm scale metal miniatures

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Funded. Stretch goals. Matt.
9 months ago – Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 12:29:57 PM

Hurrah! We are funded, and in under 72 hours too! That's awesome. We're now adding some stretch goals for extra miniatures which will be designed and made available to you all.

£4500 - Zola, the Gorgon. A NPC who can turn your characters to stone!

£5500 - Pair of Harpies. Yet more NPC's to bother you!

£6500 - Ghosts! The beginnings of a crew of their own, also able to ally with the Undead (obvs) and Skrier!

Thank you all so much for your support. Remember that the Cabin Boy Mike miniature gets added to your pledge if you share that you've backed on social media! 

If you want to do EVEN MORE to help us unlock those stretches, I have just added the Narwhal Hunt 6x4 game mat to add-ons! It's £40 in cloth and £50 in lino. Please consider the impact on shipping fees if ordering, especially from overseas. 

Catch the narwhal, catch the narwhal...

Additionally, in case you missed it earlier, we have also added new pledge reward tiers for those of you who want to grab everything from the last Kickstarter! 

Thanks again all, let's see how far we can go! 


Dead Earth Games

New to Pirates? New pledge levels!
9 months ago – Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 09:48:31 AM

A couple of people asked if we could create "Everything" pledge levels for those who missed the previous Kickstarter(s) as this is easier than working out the Add-On costs. So I have. 

Sweet Captain includes everything from this and the last Kickstarter, so including the Rulebook, tokens and Human and Undead crews.

Admiral includes the dwarves, mermaids, elf and earlier orc as well -oh, and the treasure chests -  everything we make except the game mats, which will be an add on soon. 

Thanks for the support everyone. We're 91% funded so hopefully a few upgraded pledges will see us over the line and we can make some stretch goals! 

Capn Rich

Ahoy! Awesome start!
9 months ago – Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 04:21:12 PM

Ahoy me hearties! Thanks to you all we've had an awesome first day and are already 75% funded! Keep sharing and we'll  be there in no time. As soon as we hit that £3500 target we'll start talking about some extra minis we can make stretch goals.

We'll also be adding a game mat as an add-on tomorrow. 

I'll do more of an update soon, probably by video. I've been busy in the best way! 

Thanks again and fire any questions my way!